Sunday, May 06, 2007

Secret Hickory Smoke Sauce

In New Orleans people like a type of Hickory Smoke Sauce on their Hamburgers. As a kid I discovered this sauce from an Uncle who claimed to have invented it and kept it secret so people would always ask him to make them some. As he got old and did not want to take the secret with him. He wasn't sure where he was going or if they would need a Secret Hickory Smoke Sauce there. He told me to keep it a secret too, so do not tell anyone what is below, Uncle Bud said he would haunt ya.

The sauce must be cooked to develop the flavors, depending on how much you need just remember the basic is half tomato ketchup and half tomato sauce in a sauce pan. Simmer on med heat add in the secret stuff, Liquid Hickory Smoke and Chili Powder to taste, not too much enough so the taste of the Hickory comes through and the Chili calms down the tomatoes. After it cooks a while let it on simmer and keep it warm.

Over the years I have used it in many other dishes, Frito Pie, which is just corn chips and can chili, no beans, topped off with cheese and the secret sauce. I also put it on my re fried beans as a topping with cheese. It has many uses. And you can get the apron or any of my New Orleans art or t-shirts below by clicking on the image to go to my studio store on the web.

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wetware said...

Is this the Bud's Broiler recipe?
If so ,any idea whatever happened to Bud's son Gus?

Anonymous said...

Yes the sauce is a Bud's Style hickory smoke BBQ sauce great on burgers.