Thursday, July 09, 2009

One Bowl Egg Salad

Often I am in a rush and need to make a quick lunch. Making egg salad is fast using this one bowl microwave method. Crack two or 3 eggs into a salad bowl, microwave then about 20 seconds and check to see doneness, sometimes it takes 3 settings at 20 seconds to get to the desired doneness.
I am told you can pierce the yellow with a tooth pick or place the bowl in a saucer of water to help them cook but I find going slow with 3 rounds of 15 seconds or so keeps the eggs from exploding.
After your bowl of eggs are cooked to your doneness you add one teaspoon mayo, one sour cream, and your favorite herbs and spices. Chop it all up in the bowl.Salt and pepper to taste. To jazz it up you can add chopped spinach or Herbs De Provence, chopped onions, salsa, whatever you like to spice up the egg and mayo mixture. I find adding some Feta or Blue Cheese is nice too. By the time you mix it all up your toast is done and all you need is to spread the egg salad onto the bread and eat.

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brevin_xo said...

I love egg salad but never thought of cooking it in the microwave if I don't have time to boil them the right before, great trick! Don't know if you've tried it, but I love adding some honey dijon mustard to mixture, tastes great. Thanks again for the great time saving tip!